Sunday, January 27, 2013

Posted by Ashley on 12:39 AM 1 comment
What Should I Get My Boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

1. Breakfast in Bed

(use cookie cutters to shape eggs)

(food coloring to add hearts)

Get creative, and don't forget the hot sauce.
Search on Pinterest for thousands of ideas.

2. Cologne

This is my personal favorite on my guy, few to choose from also.

You can purchase this cologne at this website:

3. Man Soap

Cost efficient and funny
Purchase here:


It's a cute gift, but at the same time it is still bacon so you both win.
The tutorial on making these bacon hearts is found at the link below:

5. Beer Basket of Love

Many baskets and combinations to choose from at this site:

6. A bleeding ZOMBIE shooting target

Hands down amazing gift for any occasion.
You can buy this at:

7. N64 USB Controller 

This is possibly the greatest thing I've come across all day. Play any N64 game anytime anywhere? Hell yes. I wouldn't mind one of these for myself.
You can purchase one of these at:

No explanation necessary.
You can buy them here:

That's all for now, I will keep adding over the next few weeks.


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