Sunday, June 9, 2013

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What is a stye?

According to WebMD, a stye isan infection that causes a tender red lump on the eyelid. Most styes occur along the edge of the eyelid.

It's basically like getting a bruise on your eyelid, and they always show up at the worst time.

Styes are usually caused by a combination of a clogged oil gland and staphylococcal bacteria, which often live right on the skin surface. Our bodies are coated with billions of friendly bacteria that coexist with us. When the conditions are right, the bacteria become overabundant, resulting in the tender pimple.
I'm not sure if it's myth or not, but I have always heard that they are caused by not removing your makeup before bed.

Anyways, I have one this morning and so I was researching how to remove them and found some great tips that actually work!

*DO NOT attempt to squeeze/pop it.

There are ointments you can buy but ain't nobody got time for that ;)

Fresh parsley
has been a traditional home remedy ingredient used for decades, all for good reason too.  In the herb world, parsley is known as the all in one multi-vitamin wonder herb. It is credited in helping everything from blood maintenance, how to get rid of a stye in one day.
Simple to prepare, toss a fist full of fresh parsley into a mixing bowl, mix in a cup of boiling water and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Using a clean washcloth, immerse in liquid.  Use as a compress, leave on eye for 15 minutes, terrific for bring down, puffiness and swelling around the eyes.

Apply a rang-out warm wash cloth to it every hour for about 10-15 minutes. This not only relieves pain and inflammation, but also helps the stye resolve faster. 

If styes recur, your doctor may prescribe a local antibiotic ointment or an oral antibiotic. Take the antibiotic as directed.

Any other tips and tricks that you have had success with?


  1. I know this is not a natural remedy but pain meds like Naproxen (spl?) that help with swelling works well also! I kept getting them at one point in my life and my eye was literally swollen almost shut! I wish I would have know the parsley thing then!

  2. A used Earl Grey teabag is also quite effective.

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  4. Rub a hold ring on your sleeve until it is warm and hold against the stye. It will be gone by the next day

  5. They are not cause from leaving makeup on to long because I have worn makeup once in the past 8-9 years. I have one that is on the inside of my lid and nothing including prescription meds have worked. It gets small and I think it is going away and then it comes back.

  6. I've heard to very carefully wash around and close to the eye with warm water and antibacterial soap. It worked for me when i had a stye once.

  7. Wash your hands. You can get them from touching your eyes. If you're getting them and not wearing makeup this is probably why.

    1. Yes. And it is the oil glands that get clogged, so the heat releases the oil, and then you need to clean your eyelids along the lash line to clear away the released oils.

  8. The reason this works is the hot compress component... And no a style or hordeolum is definitely NOT a bruise... Doctors go to school for many years for a reason

  9. If you soak bread in milk and set the bread on your eye for about 5 minutes, the swelling goes down a TON! Visine helps, and if you keep reapplying the bread it will be gone in a day at the absolute latest.

  10. I have been several times to the doctor and have them drained. Needles aren't fun, so I finally found that washing eyelids daily with dandruff shampoo that contains SELENIUM SULFIDE is the best way to prevent them. When I wash with this regularly I NEVER get them. As far as getting rid of them once you have one, doing hot compresses with a tea bag or towel a couple times a day is what I do. If you have dry eyes, make sure to keep them moist using drops.

  11. I always remove my make up and still get them, i use cool boiled water with a little bit of salt added, mix it around and apply to the stye every few hours. Mine is usually gone within a day or two.