Sunday, January 6, 2013

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DIY Red to Black Ombre Manicure

Okay so I got a full set a few weeks back and they started to look a bit blah so I decided to try out the ombre style nails and worse case scenario just rip them off if it didn't work out. But I actually love how they turned out so I decided to throw up a basic tutorial on how to go at it.

For starters pick the two colors you are going to use. I would suggest not using black the first time unless you are feeling adventurous because it can be really hard to blend with if you aren't used to the techniques.

I'm sure different brands work better but these are what I had lying around.

First I painted over the old french manicure with a base color of red.

Then blot down a little bit of each color and blend them using some type of sponge, easily found at a craft store or section in a department store.
*Note: Blend on magazine paper, it won't dry out as fast

Then just start dabbing it on until you are happy with the results. This was my first attempt at it so when I do it again I will try some different techniques to see if it works better.
*Always finish with a clear/protectant coat


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