Monday, October 7, 2013

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The internet has been FLOODING lately with so much political hate, which isn’t unusual I suppose but it was starting to really bug me. I have seen recently the most posting regarding the Obamacare that is slowly coming into play. I decided to do my own research on this matter, because even though many of those Meme pictures on Facebook are comical…majority of them are completely false.

What I found was that being a young adult, especially female, Obamacare holds MANY benefits. This information was taken directly from the website as well as the website.

The more I learn about this plan, the more I like it. Here are some ways that Obamacare will specifically benefit women:

Preventive Care Is Covered
Yep, it’s true…and about time! These free services include check-ups, screenings for diabetes as well as HIV, mammograms, contraceptives such as the pill, the ring, the patch, the shot, implants, IUDs and sterilization procedures. Obamacare will require all plans to cover all FDA-approved methods. NO MORE CO-PAYS!!
*Certain religious employers are exempt from this requirement.

Maternity Coverage
There are currently just over 12% of health plans that include coverage for maternity. Beginning in 2014, ALL of the individual health plans will be required to include 10 essential health benefits such as maternity care, hospitalization, prescription medication, mental health services and preventive services.

Equalized Pricing
The average 25 year old woman can pay up to 50% more than the average 25 year old man for the same coverage on insurance. Beginning in 2014, gender rating will no longer be valid.

Lucky Number 26
This one goes for men as well, but now we are able to stay on a family plan, or our parents health plan until the age of 26. Previously, many young adults faced many problems because they were dropped from their parents and couldn’t yet afford their own quality plan. This began back in 2010 with the Affordable Care Act put in place by Obama.

Current Problem? No Problem
Currently health insurance can deny you if you have a pre-existing condition (such as diabetes or asthma) because they consider you a “risk”…but that will no longer be the case come 2014. Health premiums can only be based on your age, where you live and whether or not you are a smoker. (Great reason to quit)!

The law requires your employer to provide as reasonable break time in a secluded area (other than a bathroom if preferred) for you to pump breast milk throughout the work day. The law also requires these plans to cover the costs of breastfeeding equipment and counseling WITHOUT A CO-PAY.

If You Make Less Than $16,000
If you make less than $16,000.00 a year may be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is the state-federal health insurance program for the poor, and it’s being expanded by the law to those whose annual income is under the federal poverty level. However, the expansion is ‘optional’ between states, and about half will be participating at this point in time. You will have to research your specific area.

As I learn more, I will be updating this post.
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