Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Don't be intimidated, these are actually pretty simple to put together !

Buns - Yellow Cake Batter
Meat Patty - Brownie
Condiments - Frosting
French Fries - Sugar Cookies

You are more than welcome to make these from scratch. I decided the night before my boss's birthday that I was going to make them, so it saved a lot of time just grabbing the box mixes

Sugar Cookies
Yellow Cake
Frosting (red, green and orange/yellow)

Bake each product as directed

To get the actual bun looking muffin tops, I used an entire cake mix and poured it into a 12 cup muffin pan. This way, when baking, the dough rises and spreads out to look like an actual hamburger bun. If you don't want this look just make regular cupcakes/muffins and cut them in half

After the muffin/cake cups cooled, i just tore off the bottoms of all of them

For the brownies you just want to cut out circles that are around the same size as the "buns"

For the frosting, just add some color on top of the brownie and smoosh down the top bun

For the cookies, you just want to roll out the dough and cut strips. My strips ended up puffing out still while baking so once I took them out I just cut them again a few times to look like steak cut fries


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