Thursday, January 30, 2014

Posted by Ashley on 8:49 PM 1 comment
This is the first of MANY glitter upcycles I am about to create, 
this simple technique with modge podge has opened up an entire new world!

You can transform ANYTHING into fabulous, and by starting AND finishing with a coat of modge podge, the glitter doesn't come off or get onto anything

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Supplies Needed:
-Modge Podge
-Paint Brush
-Masking Tape
-Some type of container to catch the glitter

No matter what you are adding the glitter to, it's important to focus on just one section at a time. It will keep you from filtering through glitter quickly and it will give you the best coverage.

Step One
Paint the modge podge on desired area

Step Two
Holding object over container, sprinkle glitter on the modge podge

Step Three
Continue this until the desired area is fully covered

Step Four
Apply modge podge over all the glitter

*At this time, you may continue to do another coat of modge & glitter*

Once you are finished, do a full coat of modge podge and let object dry (untouched) overnight


  1. Awesome.....and of course the perfect color.