Saturday, January 4, 2014

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If you are like everybody else and decided to overindulge this holiday season, don't worry any longer. Dr. Oz to the rescue (as always) with the marvelous 2 day Holiday Detox Plan

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I have provided the entire printout of the Holiday Detox, but I am specifically focusing on his "water fast flush" recipe in this post because it's something we can incorporate every week into our routines

The Fast Flush removes sodium from your body, and all the potassium also relieves bloating. Flush out toxins and recharge your metabolism!

Ingredients Needed:
3 Cups Melon (any melon, I chose watermelon)
2 Cups Water
1 Cup Coconut Water

Easy enough, eh? When I first made this drink I was not looking forward to having to down it, it just did not look appealing. HOWEVER, one sip in and I was sold! Delicious, healthy, beneficial...what more could we ask for??

Just blend it all together, and you want to sip 5 glasses of this per day while on the 2 day Holiday Detox

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^^ "Like" on Facebook for updates, tips & tricks